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Fleet Package

The fleet package allows ShipTurbo.co.uk to stock spare turbocharger parts for your fleet.

We can store the parts on site or in our warehouses. This allows you to have a reserve of parts to fit your ships in the case of an emergency, and also lowers fees.

Lower Cost

As the parts are stocked in our warehouses, it reduces storage fees for you. Also, if you’re the manager of a fleet, opting for the fleet package offers great value for money.

30 Years of Experience

We have three decades of experience in the turbocharger industry. When you opt for our fleet package, you can be confident that you’re receiving excellence.

There When You Need It

In the case of one or more ships in your fleet breaking down, you will have a stock of spare parts on hand. You will also have qualified technicians to help make your repairs.

To find out more about our fleet packages, get in touch today!